Friday, August 1, 2014

Prairie Populist Promises Specifics To Go With The Thematics.

     A few weeks back I took Democrat Rick Weiland and his campaign for the U.S. Senate to task for being absorbed with its populist themes at the expense of policy specifics.  My piece got the Weiland campaign's attention and stimulated a response.  Here is Weiland's reply:

I want to thank John and The Constant Commoner blog for another thoughtful piece on the race for the United States Senate.  We do need more discourse on what South Dakota’s US Senate candidates will introduce and fight for in Congress and less pretty political ads and other platitudes.
In fairness, I have tried to talk about policy a great deal during this campaign.  In fact, my entire campaign is built around a policy idea, instead of a platitude – enacting real campaign finance reform that ensures our electoral contests reflect the will of the majority of citizens instead of Big Money’s campaign contributions.  I proposed improving Obamacare by allowing all Americans, of any age, to buy into the Medicare program to provide real competition for big health insurance companies.  I’ve backed legislation and held a conference call with reporters to discuss the idea of allowing young people with higher interest rate student loans to re-finance them at 3.86%, a figure established in a rare bipartisan compromise last summer.  I’ve proposed strengthening country-of-origin labeling so South Dakota families know where their meat comes from.  I strongly opposed the new EPA guidelines on the renewable fuel standard (RFS).  I came out against renewing America’s intervention in Iraq.  I have proposed eliminating the federal government’s EB-5 program.  I introduced the idea of a pledge asking for our current Congressional delegation and all of our Senate candidates to promise never to shut down the government or threaten defaulting on our Treasury debt obligations.  
In keeping with our effort to talk about real issues – beginning next week, I am going to propose a series of policy ideas as I make my way across the state a second time and I am going to post these position papers on my website.  Our state needs a vigorous discussion of the issues and I will do my part to help make sure this happens.

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  1. The more I hear from Rick Weiland, the more I like him.