Tuesday, October 9, 2018

It Finally Dawns On Kristi Noem That Trump Might Not Be So Good For South Dakota After All

    After a two-year nonstop barrage of political ingratiation with the Trump administration,
Noem Yesterday
She Finally Gets It
our Congresswoman, Republican Kristi Noem, has finally had to concede that President Trump has been a problem for South Dakota. 
Campaigning in Huron yesterday, Noem all but acknowledged that her run for Governor is up against some headwinds created by Trump's awful handling of trade issues affecting this state.  Exhorting her supporters with the words "we've got an uphill battle . . . I'm going to need your help," Noem basically conceded that her campaign visuals of the lady on horseback cantering about the South Dakota prairie haven't ignited much enthusiasm for her race against Democrat Billie Sutton.
     Noem's reasons for her campaign's somnolence?  Laughable, kind of. Whining that "usually at this time the Republican candidate maybe would be up by 10 or 15 points," Kristi complains that "we're in a totally different environment.  We've got trade wars going on.  We've got a national environment that's definitely impacting us here in South Dakota."  Specifying the problem, Noem went on to say that Trump "decided to go to war to get us more fair agreements; the problem is that he did it after four years of depressed prices already.  So we already had farm income cut in half because of low commodity prices and then to go into this trade war at this time is pretty devastating."
     Wow.  This kind of finger-pointing at the President as the reason for her gubernatorial campaign's uphill challenge is quite the reversal of her tone when Trump was here a month ago,  helping her campaign with a stop in Sioux Falls.  Then Noem said she is "eternally grateful that God gave us a President that puts America first," adding that our state can partner with the President to "make South Dakota and America even greater."  I suppose this kind of blatant obsequiousness is de riguer at events like these, but it sure contrasts with her outburst yesterday about Trump's trade policy being "devastating" to South Dakota.
      Given the financial hit that South Dakota's soybean industry is taking thanks to Trump and his incompetent trade policies, our state hasn't become "even greater."  It has become even lesser--to the tune of about $500 million less.  The only thing that's gotten "even greater" since Trump went on his trade war rampage is our country's balance-of-trade deficit, which is on track to make ten-year highsKiplinger last month just flat out said that Trump's "policies are more likely to grow the deficit than to cut it."  And in the meantime, we have millions of tons of soybeans, which historically have been a bonanza for balance-of-trade calculations, looking for a market because China, Trump's principal trade antagonist, has said "no thanks."
     What amazes me is that so many people could see this coming while Noem didn't even acknowledge the risk.  With many others, this blog (in '16, months before the election) was full of concerns and warnings about just such a scenario.  But did Noem pay attention to the apprehensiveness that was so pervasive at the time?  Not really.  I can't find a peep about the gathering storm coming from her office during the last couple of years, so this Kristi-come-lately outburst in Huron yesterday smacks of inattentiveness or lack of understanding.  I think it's both, which make for two reasons to dismiss her from public office next month.


  1. Maybe it is just me and my sensitivity but there is nothing about this posturing that surprises me. Short term thinking and memories prevail and nothing is problematic or worthy of concern until the condition or problem threatens to change the power structure and who has control of government, the issues and even the content of the debate. The GOP of old was at least modestly anticipatory of brewing difficulties and courageous enough to back away from rigid platforms enough to address them in some sort of bi-partisan way. It wasn't about who has control of something but rather how do we actually begin to do the fiscally and socially appropriate thing. No longer. Try as I might, I have yet to find one thing or policy Trump has advanced that has benefited South Dakota's two primary industries or our cultural values. Neither can I begin to understand how Noem or any of our Congressionals can ride around on his coat tails and still keep a straight face. If it's a "unified front" thing, there just isn't anything to unify around........ And now that notion seems to be closing in on her.... The larger question is; is she honestly leadership material? She's shown me nothing in that department.

  2. When informed that farmers can't harvest their 'beans', and it doesn't matter because the elevators have no market for what they have, I wondered which would prevail, the culture wars or the wallet. It appears Ms. Noem has concluded the latter is prevailing, and adjusting her campaign accordingly. The old saw avows you shouldn't change horses in the middle of the stream. Still, if your message is seemingly falling on deaf ears, you needs must take notice. Will it suffice? Will once bitten, twice shy be the answer? Will voters stick with the one who brought them to the dance? Will I run out of platitudes? Film at 11:00.

  3. But, but, but... they told me that posting photos of Hilary would work! Everyone hates Hilary, right? So much that they'll ignore anything that I haven't done?

    Seriously, Ms. Noem is showing herself to be a total nincompoop.

  4. Newbie to SD, I've only lived here for 16 yrs. The South Dakotans I have met, and they are varied in every way. Have been generally nice folks who care for others and their community. They are not people who couldn't or wouldn't go to a funraiser at $500 - $5,000. Does this state have that many elitists? I can't imagine they would out number us regular folks with votes.

  5. Hilarious Non-Dogma, discussion article! Nice motto. No bias here at all. Jeez. Oh, and yes I'm going anonymous. I don't want your death mobs to come after me just because I disagree with the nonsense.

  6. You're all late to the party. I thought she was a dingbat the first time she ran. My opinion hasn't changed a bit. I'm really not sure why anyone in this state is a Republican other than it's tradition? What have they ever done for you? I mean really, what? Does everyone here go with well they other candidate is worse, so I voted for this one? IfI like to have someone tell me why they deserve my vote rather that why the other person doesn't. Billie Sutton seems to be making an effort at that and is a refreshing change from the parade of natural born liars, uninformed posers, sycophants and power hungry connivers that we usually get to choose from.

    1. Did I write this comment and forget that I did so? Because I agree with it entirely. I hated here run against Stephanie Sandlin on "I ran a restaurant" and to sum up her run against search "hilarious gop ad kristi noem."

  7. Lost on your post, John and probably to a lot of South Dakotans, is the fact that yes the tariffs have hurt the soybean farmers and the hog farmers. So the Trumpeter is going to help them out a bit. But who is actually doing the helping? Ah yes it is we the taxpayers or since we continue with the tax cuts, the latest of which she helped write the bill, it is our grandchildren and the next 7 generations.

    But further who gets hurt the most by the tariffs. It is we the consumers. So we will have our taxes go to help ease the pain suffered by the farmers, but at the same time we will pay higher prices for the things to which other countries have added tariffs.

  8. You get what you vote for. And most Dakotans, North and South, have a long history of voting against their own self interests. And unfortunately, it can be traced back to poor education.

  9. Kristi fully supported the tax cuts that have resulted in a trillion dollar increase in the debt. No place for that here in SD.