Saturday, September 29, 2018

Bears Repeating: Reader Lanny Stricherz Goes Off On South Dakota GOP Congressional Candidate Dusty Johnson.

    This is Lanny's letter-to-the-editor in yesteday's Sioux  Falls Argus Leader:

Are you sure that you want Dusty Johnson to represent you in the US House of representatives? As a member of the PUC, he voted to approve the first Trans Canada Keystone pipeline, which leaked within the first six months of its existence and several times since. 

He voted to approve the BigStone II coal burning power plant, which was eventually turned down by the Minnesota PUC, because of its potential damage to Big Stone Lake as well as surrounding lakes in both Minnesota and South Dakota. 

He voted to approve the Hyperion oil refinery and coal burning power plant in the Elk Point area which eventually failed because the founders could not get investors,because they could see the potential damage to prime farm land and the extreme amount of Missouri River water which would be needed for the refinery and power plant. 

He has voted to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which Nebraska is refusing to approve, because of possible damage to the Ogallala aquifer as well as other waters and lands. 

After standing for re-election in 2010 and winning, Mr Johnson ignored the vote of the people and took a job as Chief of Staff in the Governor’s office even though he had been reelected. Who’s to say that he won’t do the same if elected to the US House of representatives, and the President wants him to serve in some climate change denier position in the executive branch?

A better option is Tim Bjorkman, who is the Democratic candidate. He refuses to take money from the Democratic Party, any of the PACs including labor unions. He will only take private donations because he wants to represent the people and their interests and help to end the corruption in government. 

Lanny Stricherz
Sioux Falls SD