Thursday, January 4, 2018

Does Shantel Krebs Know She Has Egg All Over Her Face?

     South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs and her Trump-allegiant campaign to win the GOP nomination for SD's congressional seat in November's election just got a bit of a jolt. 
Kobach & Krebs
Playing Charades
When Krebs last month trotted out Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach as a highly visible endorser of her campaign she was essentially embracing the voter fraud delusion that the Trump administration has been pushing since his election in November 2016.  Following through, Trump created a Voter Fraud Commission (co-chaired by Kobach and VP Mike Pence) to follow up on his paranoid claim that the reason he lost the popular vote was that millions of people voted against him illegally.  Per Trump "In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally."
     Trump's ludicrous assertion was taken seriously only within his brigade of sycophants and enablers, among whom we can count Krebs.  As to Kobach, I'm neutral.  For all I know he was doing a competent and objective job of managing the commission.  But his highly visible position at the head of it makes him a politically useful commodity by association with President Trump.  Krebs  unabashadly touted herself as being "all in" with Trump last September and made the most of her recent attachment to Kobach, even using it as a major campaign pitch, splattered as it was on her website during the past couple of weeks.
Going For The Bucks
Getting Trump Into The Act

     But as all fantasies eventually do, the "voter fraud" illusion dissolved into reality.  Yesterday Donald Trump himself pulled the plug on the commission, which he set up with no evidence in the first placeKobach's stature was supported by a charade that Shantel Krebs took as reality and foisted on her supporters as donation-worthy.  No doubt  Krebs and many other minions of Trump will continue to claim without evidence that voter fraud to the tune of millions of votes occurred in November, 2016. That's the nature of true believers.  If Shantel Krebs is "all in" with Trump she must endorse his assertions of voter fraud to be valid.  The question before us South Dakotans is whether or not we want somebody who embraces belief without evidence to represent us in Congress.  Ms. Krebs, explain yourself.


  1. My comment is off topic but might be the subject of a future column. South Dakota is in the top 5 in Federal funding. We receive more dollars back than we send to Washington. My point is that every cut in Federal funding will effect SD more than other states. Cuts in the Federal funding of safety nets will transfer those costs to local governments. Are SD legislators aware of these changes? Thank you. Trigger

  2. I fail to understand how any "Self Respecting Woman" could be all in for/with Trump after his recorded comments regarding women were published. Grab them by the ......come on ladies? How can you support someone like that?

  3. For what it's worth, Mr. Kobach could not deliver some of the information he requested of himself as the Kansas Secretary of State.

    It's also possible that Mr. Kobach was a less than efficient or effective manager of the commission:

    Meantime, it remains to be seen if the Department of Homeland Security will, absent any legislative authority to act, will investigate vote fraud.

  4. John, You leave out Kobach's anti-muslim meetings, which both Krebs and our would be next governor, Jackley attended.

  5. Since Secretary Krebs is in charge of the election process in South Dakota, it seems pretty self-defeating for her to claim that voter fraud is a significant issue in our state. If it is, why hasn't she fixed it?