Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hi Mom

     Four Republican senators were having a good time sporting their mock gold watches in Pierre yesterday.  They were handed out as a Valentine's Day treat by a lobbyist. The watches might or might not be a joking reference to the fact that gifts to legislators from lobbyists were a central theme of Initiated Measure 22, the campaign and governing reform bill that won at the polls last November. It was effectively repealed in South Dakota's legislature by House Bill 1069, which was immediately signed by Governor Daugaard.  For some background, each Senator's district passed the measure by margins surpassing the statewide victory margin of 51.6%. Nevertheless, just saying "no" to their constituents, all four of the senators voted to repeal IM 22.  

From left to right, the Senator, the district, and the percentage of yes votes for IM 22 in that district:  Jeff Partridge (R 34  52.3%), Deb Peters (R 09  56.1%), Jordan Youngberg (R 08  54.9%), and Terri Haverly (R 35  59.5%).  (Note:  the photo comes from blogger Bob Mercer's Pure Pierre Politics, the voting percentage information from Represent South Dakota)


  1. This kind of in-your-face humor is unfortunate. The implication that SD is the third most corrupt government in the US begins to be believable.

  2. Taunting! 15 yard penalty....... Repeat 4th down.

  3. I saw this yesterday morning on Facebook and posted the following on both Facebook and on Murcer's original article. My post on Facebook:

    Do you really think we are that stupid. The bags of cash come in the form of paid for by the taxpayer trips to the ALEC convention every summer, so that you can be wined and dined to find out what the Koch brothers want you to do to us the next session. One of your members sponsored a bill last session to bail out the payday lenders ahead of the voters passing of the Initiated measure on the same issue. That legislator doesn’t even have a payday lender in her district. I was in the balcony when Senator Peters made her impassioned speech on IM22 and HB1069 to repeal it, in which she referred to the gold watches and bags of cash. I repeat, do you really think that we the voters are that stupid. “Gold watches and bags of cash” were a euphemism for all the side deals that legislators do get. This picture just like HB1069 is an absolute insult to the people who send you to Pierre to work for us, not the lobbyists.

    Then as an afterthought, I added The legislators should have their middle fingers raised. That is what the picture says to me.