Saturday, October 8, 2016

Here's Paula Hawks' Statement On Trump and Kristi Noem. I Hope Noem Responds:

U.S. House candidate Paula Hawks released the following statement regarding Representative Kristi Noem's support for Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

"We have called upon Representative Noem to disavow Donald Trump several times this campaign. She has refused. Nothing has changed about Donald Trump's behavior. The only thing that's changed
Paula Sounds Off
now are the poll numbers. Frankly, even if Noem were to repudiate Trump, it would show Noem's true colors. It has never been about electing the best nominee to lead the country. Her choice has been dictated by party loyalty above all else. Party loyalty might get you a seat on fancy committees in Washington D.C., but it also risks electing a racist 
misogynistic scumbag who literally endangers the fabric of democracy. This is a question about judgement. For me, it was enough to reject Trump when he called women dogs, when he called women pigs, when he told women they looked better on their knees. Is there really anything different about Trump's recent statements other than the disgusting
What Say You, Kristi?
nature in which he brags about sexually assaulting women? These aren't South Dakota values. As I said earlier this year, excusing Trump's behavior by pointing to something you are against isn't leadership. I'd appreciate hearing what about Secretary Clinton's agenda is more offensive or disappointing than electing a racist to the Presidency of the United States. People can have reasonable disagreements about tax policy. Those disagreements shouldn't be equated with using fame to sexually assault women. I urge Kristi Noem to reject Donald Trump and explain in great detail what she actually supported about Trump in the first place.  We deserve an answer."

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  1. John,
    As I reviewed the ever expanding list of Republican senators, congressional representatives, governors and other political leaders that have condemned Trump's comments, I was struck at the number of Republican women that have condemned Trump's comments and/or withdrawn their support.
    Shockingly Kristi Noem was not on any of the lists.
    If she does condemn Trump's crudity, will she also tell us whether or not she will still vote for him?