Thursday, January 28, 2016

Get Lost, Trump! We Vets Aren't Your Political Devices

    What a cowardly and conniving dipstick Donald Trump has turned out to be.   He's so terrified at the prospect of facing Megyn Kelly at tonight's Fox News-sponsored Republican primary
Mr. Tough Guy
'Fraidy Cat When It Comes To Kelly
debate that he's ditching it and putting on a political grandstand show designed to raise money for disabled vets.  Chickening out on the debate is his business, but using us disabled vets (I have a partial disability incurred during my Marine Corps service in Vietnam) to shield himself  from a distasteful confrontation makes it mine.
    Far as I'm concerned, Trump can keep his donations.  I'm more than okay with anyone, Trump included, urging support for veterans, but to stage an obvious political stunt by using us as public relations bait?  No way. My personal reaction is amplified this morning by vet groups that have the same distaste for the whole thing.   Paul Rieckhoff, the founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (with nearly 200,000 members) said his organization will decline donations from Trump's event, adding, "we need strong policies from candidates, not to be used for political stunts.", which claims 400,000 supporters, issued a statement this morning that said, "don't hide from Megyn Kelly behind us."  
     Veterans come in all political (and ethnic, and socio-economic) stripes and we're unified in
Trump v. Kelly
"I Give"
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our belief that we served the country, not any of its political components.  
The veterans organizations that I belong to (VFW, Marine Corps League) are officially circumspect about being used as political objects. Both outfits forbid it. Trump's gratuitous and transparent effort at tying his campaign to helping disabled veterans only adds to the rancor and political noise coming out of this cycle's campaign.  If Trump had actually ever put on a uniform that said "United States Of America" and subjected himself to the risks associated with wearing it, he'd be likely to understand why those of us who did abhor being used.  

ADDENDUM (added @1515 1/28:  Here's a conservative site that doesn't think much of Trump's identification with veterans.

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  1. I think most of us understood that Trump is a joke. I now realize he's a bad joke.