Wednesday, December 2, 2015

He Seems Okay, But I'm Leery Of Marco Rubio's Block Grants . . . And His Obstinance On The Cuban Trade Embargo

     Marco Rubio has one major thing going for him in this GOP primary season:  He isn't
Says He's For "The New American Century"
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Unlike the incomprehensibly uninformed Ben Carson or the megalomaniacally delusional Donald Trump, Rubio and his campaign are subject to rational analysis and discussion.  If for that reason alone, I'd take him in a heartbeat over Carson or Trump--both of whom are anathema to realistic Republicans--and would support him because
 I believe he actually stands a chance against Hillary, unlike those other two towers of ignorance and demogoguery.                                       In general, Rubio's campaign themes seem tolerable enough to suit most Republicans.  His "platform" generally stays inside the parameters of GOP dogma, and even leans toward enlightenment on a couple of big social issues, like abortion and gay marriage.  But I am leery of one major policy proposal, which is to federally fund "safety net" programs via block grants and then turn over the operation of them to states.  Yes, there are strong practical and philosophical bases for doing so: some duplication of administration could be eliminated and states know best how to dispense and manage the funding and other resources internally.  On that basis the Rubio concept makes sense. But speaking as a South Dakotan who's sick and tired of the way federally designed and funded programs have turned into boondoggles with tragic consequences--of course I'm talking about
Rubio's Cuban Policy?
Strictly From The Old American Century
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EB-5 and GEAR UP--after being turned over to state administrators to operate and oversee, I'm having my doubts about our state's ability to run these programs very well.  
     When it comes to our policy toward Cuba, Rubio's levels of rationalism and common sense drop sharply.  He's definitely stuck in the 1960s, much to the detriment of our country as a whole and South Dakotans, specifically. History is pretty clear on one matter:  improved trade relations between former enemies has done much to reduce tensions and add to the general prosperity of people.  I'm old enough to remember when China referred to us as "running dog imperialists" and we called them "the yellow peril."  That all changed when Richard Nixon opened up trade and diplomatic relations. Both of our countries have since profited from  private and public sector connections that have evolved over the decades.  Being in the tourism biz myself, I certainly know how my industry has benefitted from the huge numbers of Chinese who come to visit every year. That other mainstay of South Dakota's economy, agriculture, would stand to benefit even more directly.  Rubio needs to get with the program on this one and look toward the future when it comes to Cuba, not dwell on the past.  

     My take?  These reservations aside, I think he's the Pub with the best chance of winning the general.  I also think he's a guy I could do business with.  I'm in for now.      

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  1. Here is a thought your "main man" wins the whitehouse and the GOP has majority in the house and senate and pass all kinds of "nutty" legislation (think there would be a boat loan of nutty stuff). And this stuff comes up to your main man. He guy you could do business with going to veto anything. Me thinks not. Perhaps I am a little off here. But my mind of the straight and narrow. Where did I go off the road?