Monday, November 23, 2015

Trump Is Nuts. Libertarians Need To Watch Out For This Guy. Gun-Toters Should Be On The Alert Too.

     Donald Trump's weekend sputterings were plain crazy.  First off there's that wierd bit about
What Next, Trump?
A Registry For People With Flyaway Hair?
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thousands of Muslims dancing in the streets ("I saw it with my own eyes") of New Jersey while watching the twin towers collapse on 9/11.  I'm not sure if Trump has backtracked on that whopper yet, but his megalomaniacal stubborness makes me doubt that he will.  The evidence for such an event occurring is, of course, non existent. Until now I didn't even know the story had reached the status of "urban myth," but apparently it's been out there circulating for many years, snaring any number of  gullible fools who choose to use it as support for their fear and loathing of Muslims. 

   And that, obviously, would include Donald Trump, whose second bit of rhetorical madness reeks of the worst political effluvia I've ever smelled. Trump apparently is open to the idea of registering Muslims.  At least that's what the National Review concludes (some media analysts think he favors the notion unequivocally)  after parsing the confused and nebulous list of comments that Trump has made on the subject in the past week or so. That Trump won't categorically reject the idea is enough to get my Libertarian hackles up, because this whole idea of registries suggests a course of action that can lead to much mayhem in any society.  
     I mean, once we develop the technology and precedent of keeping databases that will track
Government Registries?
No Thanks
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specific groups of people, who can possibly dismiss the idea that tracking won't be applied to any number of sub-populations in this country?  
The whole thing is just plain creepy to imagine. Wholesale registrations of Muslims sets the worst possible scenario into motion, the one that gives government the ability to identify, investigate, harass and control entire groups of Americans.  And those groups don't necessarily have to be identified on the basis of race, religion, national origin or ethnicity.  They could have, say, gun ownership in common.  Considering that any number of recent polls show that a strong majority of Americans favor gun registration, what's to stop a political movement based on those attitudes from extending Muslim-style registration to those who own guns? I'm against it on principle  . . . and one thing I know about the National Rifle Association--it abhors the notion of gun registration.  With the unequivocally independent spirit that drives much of the NRA's ideals and positions, I have much in common. Registration?  We don't need no stinkin' registration.


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  1. I said it before; Trump is a danger to Republicans. He won't be the candidates but as other candidates refuse to repudiate his outlandish comments, they are carving out an extreme position that Independents are not at all likely to accept.