Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ben Carson And His Fox News Bud Keith Ablow Are Now Claiming That Jews Did Not Actively Resist The Nazi Holocaust. This Is Bunk. Jews Resisted. Oh, Yes. Yes They Did.

     Just a few days after Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson gratuitously  
Ablow (l.) And Carson
Like Sam Cooke, They "Don't Know Much About History"
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admonished the victims of the Oregon community college massacre for not aggressively attacking their killer, he reached new heights of lunacy by disparaging WWII-era Jews for not being more active in their resistance to their Nazi overlords.  
Carson said that because Jews were disarmed by the Nazi government of Adolf Hitler they set themselves up for the holocaust that killed millions of them during the 1940s.  Naturally, a wave of criticism was directed at Carson, who hasn't backed down and said that he's available to discuss this "in-depth" with anyone.  That's cool, because I'd be happy to have an "in-depth" conversation with Carson on this topic, anytime.  My old man was a prisoner at Dachau from 1942-1945 (He was a POW, having fought against Germany while serving in the Greek army, when he was shot and captured in Macedonia and eventually trucked to Munich to serve as a forced laborer, his encampment being adjacent to the infamous Jewish concentration camp at nearby Dachau.), so I've got some history in my family about this horror, enough so that I'm often struck by the glibness and lack of information that ignoramuses like Carson--and now his ally at Fox News, Dr. Keith Ablow--purvey in pursuit of  their beliefs about an armed citizenry being essential to the maintenance of a free society.  

    I'm actually not that far apart from them in their commitment to 2nd Amendment principles, but for crying out loud, if we're going to bring the Jewish holocaust into the conversation, can we at least do it with some knowledge and accuracy?  Neither Carson, a neurosurgeon, nor Ablow, a psychiatrist seem to have much knowledge about the history of Nazi Germany, generally, nor the nature and any details of German Jewish resistance to their Nazi tormentors, specifically.  They both characterize the Jewish reaction as ineffective and relatively inactive, with Ablow himself saying that if German Jews had "more actively resisted the Nazi party. . . there would have, indeed, been a chance."  Even as Ablow agrees that there weren't enough guns to
Yeah, Right
These Jewish Folks Should Have Had More Guns
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resist the Nazi regime, he believes the Jews should have challenged the Nazi regime more.  

     Given, as Ablow concedes, that their weren't enough guns to mount a serious revolt against the Nazis in the first place, and given that most Jews believed that they were being relocated for work reasons when those infamous trains came and really took them to the death camps, the actual amount of Jewish resistance to the Nazi government now seems quite significant. Among other efforts the Jewish "Baum Group" was a well-organized federation of young Jewish men and women who, from 1937-1942, disseminated anti-Nazi leaflets, organized demonstrations, and bombed, most notably, a Nazi propaganda exhibit in Berlin.  That last action resulted in mass arrests, executions, and reprisals against German Jews that were so severe it led to a debate within Jewish circles about the strategy of continuing violent resistance that ran the risk of murderous reprisals or being non-confrontational and maximizing the chances of survival.  Outside of Germany itself, of course, there were legendary and bloody uprisings in Jewish communities in countries newly conquered by Nazi Germany. The one that occurred in the Warsaw ghetto in Poland in 1942 led to 300,000 Jews being killed on the spot or sent to death camps to die.  
     Jews resisted.  That they didn't do so forcefully enough to suit Carson and Ablow doesn't change the fact that they did--and that many, many died while doing so. Trying to use the horrid experience of the Nazi holocaust as a talking point to support gun ownership rights in the United States is a cheap stunt aimed at those who don't know much about History and are willing to buy anything told to them by figures that get face-time in the media. 
    Care to make an "in-depth" response to this, Dr. Carson?  My comments section is wide open and at your disposal.  Same goes for you, Dr. Ablow.  

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  1. I. Think some of the same argument could be used about Africa slaves in the US. If they would have uprised maybe they wouldn't have been slaves. Just a thought.