Monday, August 17, 2015

Memo To Paula Hawks: Lose The Partisan Chest-Thumping. You Need Us Republicans.

     This morning's Rapid City Journal profile of Paula Hawks, the likely Dem nominee for
Dem Challenger Paula Hawks
She Has A Million Dollar Smile
(photo from
SD's U.S. House seat next year probably invigorated a few Democrats but reflexively put off a lot of Republicans, whose votes she'll need in this GOP-dominated state next year.  
The header ("Hawks:  Proud To Be A Democrat") was okay, but the lead vignette about her switchover as a young woman from the GOP party of her parents to her current registration as a Democrat because politically affiliating with her mom and dad got her to start thinking about "what kind of message that sent about me" seems gratuitously defensive.  It makes her metamorphosis sound like an act of post-adolescent defiance. Most parents probably welcome the emergence of strong identities in their children, but being told that their political party affiliations send a message that their offspring shun is kind of cold.  

     Meantime, the rest of the RCJ piece revealed what is essentially a message-less campaign, more focused on Paula than issues.  Hawks does express concern about student debt, "stands up" for women's rights, and, in a slam at Obamacare from this "proud" Democrat, notes that "senior citizens are facing the highest drug prices they've ever seen."  No doubt we'll get more specifics about
Incumbent Noem 
She Has A Million Dollars, Period
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Hawks' vision on how to advance her plans with regard to these and other issues, but so far her only real argument for voters not to re-elect Noem, per the RCJ piece, is that Noem has missed all of 3% of 3300 roll call votes since she's been our U.S. Rep. Readers here know that I don't care much for Kristi as our Rep, but really, if this is the best that Hawks can do coming out of the gate with her first real interview in one of the state's largest papers, her campaign is in big trouble.  Heck, as an employer of many years, I'd regard a 97% attendance rate at my business as pretty darn good and nowhere nearly enough of a reason to consider replacing an employee with a track record like that. 

     The RCJ piece does a good job of profiling Hawks, but I wish some questions about funding the Dem's campaign had emerged.  Republican Noem has about a million bucks  on hand with more than a year to go before the election.  How Hawks, whose campaign is in the stage of "getting out and meeting folks and making sure they can put a face to the name," can run a serious campaign going up against the political equivalent of Fort Knox is a daunting challenge that I doubt she'll rise up to, especially with her GOP-alienating entree into a race which she can only win by persuading a lot of Republicans to support her.  

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  1. OK, if your familiarity with Ms Hawks begins with her 'million-dollar smile' and ends with a telephone interview published in the RC Jrnl, I can forgive you for panning her candidacy. I have known her for years and can assure you that hers will not be a 'message-less campaign,' I encourage you - and all other SD voters - to withhold judgment until you have met her. I think you'll be impressed. I believe you'll discover there's a lot more to Paula than her smile.