Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Ultra-Conservative Rushmore PAC Is Taking Credit For Allender's Win In Rapid City. Way To Get Sucked In, Kooiker-Haters.

     It's not really that big a deal to me, as I couldn't  get real enthused about either candidate in
This PAC Says It Helped Steve Allender Win
What Did It Do "Behind The Scenes?"
(photo from
the just-concluded mayoral election in Rapid City.  
The incumbent Sam Kooiker, who got roasted a few times here made enough blunders and enemies during his two-term tenure to put his re-election to a third term in serious doubt.  Eventual winner Steve Allender had a cadre of supporters who just naturally admired his background as a police chief and liked his style and personality.  But a serious amount of his support also came from those who Kooiker just plain antagonized for any number of reasons, some of them related in my link above.  
     I know enough of these folks (sorry, no names, no genders), many of them unrepentant liberals, to believe that they must be galled. The fact is that Allender now seems politically connected to the conservative Rushmore PAC, which yesterday claimed that its "donations and technical advice" delivered "behind the scenes" helped to "make sure that the [Allender] campaign had adequate funding to get a message of growth out throughout the election." 
     Happy with yourselves, my liberal friends?  Throughout the entire campaign I got a sense that
Rapid City Mayor-elect Steve Allender
Why Did Rushmore PAC Help "Behind The Scenes?"
(photo from twitter)
the Kooiker-haters among you were so determined to throw Sam out of office that you'd be willing to vote for anybody who could present himself as a credible candidate, so along came Allender, who fulfilled your need to vote for the non-Kooiker in the race. And so, incidentally, came along the Rushmore PAC, which now has a foothold in Rapid City government.  

     Is this such a bad thing?  Hard to say.  The prosaic, if not altogether colorless, Allender will have his hands so full with the day-to-day demands of running the city that politics will for the most
part be a back-burner issue.  Just the same, you have to hope that what is now a connection to Rushmore PAC won't evolve into fealty and materialize as a mandate for staffing the city's administration with political apparatchiks who will form a network dedicated to pursuing the PAC's political values.  
     I invite Mayor-elect Allender to react to Rushmore PAC's chest-thumping about its role in his election.  Some commentary about just exactly what sort of "behind the scenes" role played by the PAC would also be welcome.  I'd also like to know why you and Rushmore PAC felt that your relationship had to be "behind the scenes" in the first place.  Mayor-elect Allender?  


  1. I wish the other candidate for whom Rushmore PAC claims success would also comment on the degree that it helped her win an election. Laure Swanson, who is the erstwhile public relations manager for Northern Beef Packers, the bankrupt company that slaughtered $120 million in Chinese and Korean EB-5 investments, was opposed by Cory Heidelberger, who came to Aberdeen early this year when his spouse, a Lutheran pastor, accepted a pulpit call here. Cory withdrew from the race when the Heidelbergers found a house to buy and move into, which meant that he would be moving out of the district represented by the council seat he was running for. City law requires that council members live in the district they represent. So, Laure Swanson ran unopposed, but Heidelberger's necessary withdrawal was made too late to take his name off the ballot. He received 22 percent of the vote, even though he was disqualified from running for the office.

    Lederman claimed that he sent out a call to raise $1.000 for Swanson to win the election, even though she became the only candidate running. In that claim, he totally misrepresents the election. In other words, he lied. This raises questions about just how close is the alliance between Swanson and Lederman and, as you put it, if there is a circumstance for a fealty to be established.

    This election played out against the background of the whole EB-5/NBP affair. The plant had bumble after bumble while people who posed as entrepreneurs made every possible mistake, could not find any investors, and could not sell the TIF bonds authorized for the plant. Then the EB-5 solution was proposed, and no one in the community seemed aware of it until the whole scheme failed. One would have to be floundering in the depths of foolery not to be wary of anybody and anything that was involved under that blanket of secrecy that still covers up what was incompetence and what appeqrs like scheming.

    1. Lederman's empty claim that his PAC was somehow influential in aiding Swanson's effectively uncontested victory is delusional. His claim that Rushmore PAC had something to do with the Allender campaign merits exposure and examination. I'm looking forward to Mayor-elect Allender giving us some background on Rushmore PAC's claim that its "behind the scenes" donations and technical advice were instrumental in Allender's victory.

  2. Epic reporting failure. Lederman nor his out of state sucking $$ PAC are conservative. Lederman is a "former" Iowa Democrat turned "Republican" to get elected. He claims his PAC supports conservative ideas; however, Lederman is loathed by every actual conservative legislators and conservative activists as they know he is a slimy fraud.

    Allander was by far the most liberal of the two candidates and Lederman folllowed this support up with his support of well-known moderate "Republican" Kirkeby.

    Incidently, if Lederman "retired" from the legislature and politics to spend time with his family, why is he still so involved in politics. What is the real story behind the rumored massive scandal that drove him to run for the door before it spread like a prairie fire across his politically adopted state?