Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'll Be Live On Rapid Fire Radio Tonight At 8 MDT.

    Talking about me a (very) little bit and "all things politic with this big mayor race
I'll Be On Tonight, 8 p.m. MDT
You Can Catch It Here
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happening," per the station manager's invitation.  
Hoping to compare/contrast Kooiker and Allender and talk up my support for the school district opt-out. My challenge will be to make the talk as cool as the station's music

     Had a great time last night at the Pennington County Dems meeting at the RC Public Library.  Said my piece in a forum that included Jerry Apa, Dean Kurtz, Gordon Howie, Pam Murray and Katrina Wilke, who moderated. Quite the eclectic group, all unified by our support for the referendums that will bring Senate Bill 69 (the poorly considered effort at restricting independent candidates' chances at getting on ballots) and Senate Bill 177 (the legislative rebuke of voters by reducing the minimum wage for youngsters). Big thank you to the gentleman who said "there's only one Republican I'd ever voter for, and that's John Tsitrian!"  Doubt that he'll ever get the chance as I have no political ambitions whatsoever, but appreciate the endorsement just the same. Kudos to Katrina W. for doing such a great 
job of putting it together.  I made the point last night that Dems in South Dakota would do well to identify strongly with these referenda and can expect to get some political leverage out of them if they gather up the signatures needed to bring those obnoxious Senate Bills to a vote in November, 2016.  
     Anyway, I hope you'll check out the Rapid Fire Radio site tonight.  I have no doubt that you'll find the conversation of some interest and relevance.  

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