Monday, March 16, 2015

Well, Looky Here. Sometimes I Think I'm The Only South Dakota Republican Fed Up With My Party's Leadership In This State. I Guess I Got Me Some Company.

     Man, talk about launching a tirade.  Former GOP legislator (from Lead) Jerry Apa sure hung
Jerry Apa
Former SD Senator Sounds Off
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one on the Pubs leading the South Dakota legislature
this morning. His missive in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader used "arrogant, tone deaf, and greedy" as a few of the choicer adjectives directed at "the leadership, or lack thereof, of the House and Senate chambers of the state legislature." He accused the Senate GOP Majority Leader Tim Rave of "trying to subvert the initiative process," "disregarding the voters," and "ignoring the plight of the average South Dakota teacher."  
     Apa goes on to scold the GOP leadership for seeking a 40% salary increase while uttering next to nothing about the awful salary situation that South Dakota's teachers--the lowest paid in the nation--are in.  There's more--just click on the link above. That these issues are being raised once again is no big surprise.  That they come from a former GOP legislative leader (Apa was recently the Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman) makes them stand out.  In fact, so pungent are Apa's comments that I want to reprint them here, in total:
     "The leadership, or lack thereof, of the House and Senate chambers of the state legislature has to be one of the most arrogant, tone deaf, greedy not needy groups to populate Pierre in a long time. Beginning with the majority leader in the Senate trying to subvert the initiative process to disregarding the voter’s directive on the minimum wage, the Republicans have said damn the voters full speed ahead. Don’t forget the attempt to raise the legislative salary by 40 percent, while ignoring the plight of the average South Dakota teacher. This misbegotten bill was sponsored by the same senator who can’t eat lunch in an hour and expects the taxpayer to pay for a $23 catered lunch. The legislature expects to get reimbursed for attending the budget address and constitutional inaugurations. These events are not mandated but rather voluntary; yet again, these greedy not needy legislators have stuck it to the taxpayer. Please do not forget the ridiculous bill defining a fee as not a tax; laughable if it wasn’t so petty. The Republican super majority has shown that a majority corrupts and an absolute majority absolutely corrupts. The Republicans need to rebrand their party as the Taxandspendican Party."

     "A majority corrupts and and an absolute majority absolutely corrupts." Corruption is
Calm?  In South Dakota?
Catatonic Is More Like It.
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maybe a bit strong, Senator Apa. Where you (and plenty of others) see "corruption" I see "complacency." I see smugness and satisfaction with the status quo.  I see a cronyistic culture that is bent on self-perpetuation.  I see institutionalized disdain for creativity and esteem for political calcification. That's the problem with South Dakota's one-party situation. Without pushback from the Democratic Party, which is almost hopelessly downtrodden in South Dakota, there's no will among the dominating Pubs to argue their positions and make a case for them to the electorate. This situation really does have to change, as I believe that the political culture in this state has indeed become overly complacent if not altogether corrupt.  



  1. Shirley Harrington-MooreMarch 16, 2015 at 4:01 PM

    According to Fox news (that bastion of honesty) South Dakota ranks #2 in corrupt government. What an honor. not!!

  2. Isn't raising one's salary from $6,000 to $10,000 a $4,000 increase, or 67%, not a 40% increase? And to think that Jerry was head of the budget.

  3. Thank you, former Senator Apa, for raising the issue of the Legislature telling the voters to forget "the will of the people" and making an "unequal" minimum wage. I have heard very few people step up and condemn this action. What next, will the GOP cancel the next election so that they can stay in office until the electorate takes them to court? Don't we have any attorneys in this state who are willing to take on the illegal actions of our Legislators? Submitted by Robin A. Page 3/17/15