Thursday, February 26, 2015

From The "I Thought They Only Reported And We Got To Decide" File: Here's Fox News Badmouthing The Badlands And Wind Cave.

     Fox News, the media outlet that touts itself as a purveyor of news that sticks to reporting
Badlands National Park
Fox News Calls It A "Dusty Divot"
(photo from
and lets its 
audience decide just belied its self-sanctification with a hit piece on two of South Dakota's treasured natural marvels, the Badlands and Wind Cave.  It "decided" for its followers that Badlands National Park and Wind Cave National Park are two of the five worst national parks in the United States. Yes, this media beacon for the conservative class, Fox News, calls the Badlands some "washed out hills of 50,000 year old mud," and Wind Cave a "long tour . . . not worth the time or money."  
     Of  the natural setting that surrounds and permeates the Badlands, Fox News "reports" the following:  "the mixed grass prarie that surrounds this dusty divot is just another way of saying sad shrubbery as far as the horizon." The Badlands are a "dusty divot?"  As to Wind Cave, Fox describes the many prairie dogs there as "fat dirt squirrels."   Yes, dirt squirrels.  Oh, those Fox News commentators.  From the outlandishly exaggerated exploits of
Wind Cave Prairie Dogs
Fox News Calls Them "Fat Dirt Squirrels"
(photo from
Bill "Rambo" O'Reilly to the jaded mockery of its travel correspondents,

the station may be trying a new tack toward sensationalism as a way to right its precipitous fall in viewership. Though still Numero Uno in the cable news race, its total viewers through Q2, 2014 were down by 20% compared to the previous year. In terms of demographic analysis, Fox just had the worst quarterly performance since 2001, when it was still in fledgling status.
    These are actually awful declines.  I don't watch much cable news, mainly because I can't stand the obvious political slant on any of those channels, but understand that there has been a continuing decline in viewership on all of them. Given this gratuitous hatchet job on two of the world's natural wonders, both fortuitously located in our state, where we understand their aesthetic and economic value, I doubt that Fox News will see much of a bump in its following in these parts.  Regardless of what Fox News pretends to report, millions of visitors a year have already made their decisions on the Badlands and Wind Cave.  

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