Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Courage" As Defined By The SD Senate: Let's Reduce The Wages Of People Too Young To Vote. Good grief. Do These Politicos Want A Medal Or A Chest To Pin It On?

      On a party line vote yesterday, 26 South Dakota Senate Republicans overwhelmed 7
SD GOP Senator Tim Rave
Such A Profile In Courage.  What A Hero.
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Democrats and decreed that young people under the age of 18 have to accept a minimum wage that's a dollar-an-hour less than that earned by their adult peers.  
The GOP majority leader Tim Rave even used the word "courage" to describe this debasing of the value of South Dakota's young people via SB 177.  Wooo.  What a heroic act of statesmanship.
     You'll have to excuse me for not standing by admiringly and cheering on these legislative gladiators who've festooned themselves with glory, but in my book what they did was an act of cowardice. First off, they've skirted the clear will of a majority of voters who passed the minimum wage law last November, who voted for it with no strings attached.  Passing SB 177  is an act of gall, not a testament to courage.  Second, the very class of workers affected by this distortion of the voters' will isn't able to exercise its disapproval at the polls, meaning no danger of pushback.  Third, the Senate's fealty to the South Dakota Retailers Association, which fought the minimum wage initiative initially and has been sponsoring efforts in this legislative session to tinker with it, has been exposed. SDRA couldn't get the legislature to gut the COLA built into the intiative because it would affect South Dakotans who are old enough to vote.  So it looks like they'll settle for a victory over young people, who are powerless to do anything about it. 
     Meanwhile, as my good friend Cory Heidelberger reports in the Madville Times, the Senate apparently credits itself with "clairvoyance" in addition to courage.  Heidelberger notes that  "Senator Gary Cammack (R-29/Union Center) said SB 177 doesn't violate the people's will; it just adds a provision that should have been in the initiative in the first place."  See what I mean by clairvoyance?  Cammack claims to know what the intitiative sponsors apparently overlooked when
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Taking Money Away From Kids.  Such A Hero
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they put the measure together.  
     Such courage, such clairvoyance, such chicken manure.  All these guys are doing is trying to save some of their patrons in the business community a few bucks by legitimizing lower wages for the young people they hire. And then congratulating themselves for being a bunch of heroes while doing so.  What a great message they're sending to our state's young people.


  1. Shirley Harrington-MooreFebruary 19, 2015 at 11:52 AM

    Just sent a respectful message to Tim Rave. I am weary of the legislators in Pierre constantly disrespecting the voters they represent and in giving South Dakota a nationwide black eye. Anybody out there with me??

  2. Exactly. And the message the Legislature is (and has been for decades) sending to young people is: get out of SD as quickly as you can if you want to make a decent living. I don't know how they expect a state full of 80-year-old pensioners to pay for all their ALEC trips in future.

  3. I wonder how many of these young peoples republican parents will stand up for them at the ballot box? Ok, stupid question, sorry.

  4. Keep them dum and broke so they can not leave SD. That is the republican party economic growth plan. Oh yea, and the middle class can pay for all the welfare bennies the dum and broke qualify for. And now lets file a bunch of bills to distract the voters such as allowing guns in the capital and on college campuses.

  5. This at a time when Target is talking about following Walmart's lead and raising their starting pay to 10 bucks an hour. Costco already starts their employees at 11.50 an hour.