Monday, January 19, 2015

Kayabonga! The Daugaard Dude Unleashes A Tsunami Of Tax Hikes. Will A Set Of A-Frames* Wash Away The Failures Of His First Term?

          Gnarly.  There's no other word to describe it.  Just a week into his second term, Governor
Fleeee!  The Daugaard Tax Tsunami Is Coming!!!
He'll Hang Five, Hang Ten, Hang Even More Taxes On Us!
(photo from
Dennis Daugaard does a one-eighty on taxes and sets off waves of tax increases that are as significant as they are widespread. He offset his commitment to no new taxes during his 2011 entree into the Governor's mansion by whacking spending to levels that set off an infrastructure  maintenance crisis in two of the state's most crucial capital assets--education and roads.  Now, apparently understanding the folly of his inflexibility on tax hikes, he has to play catch-up and will try to make up for a lot of lost time and revenues  by sticking it to all of us. 

     By downplaying--or avoiding altogether--any public attention to our deteriorating roads, Daugaard failed in his role as Governor.  In fact, as recently as his January 2013 State of the State address, Daugaard was actually bragging on the condition of our roads when he said "South Dakota's 8,000 miles of paved state highways rank a 4.4 out of 5 for quality and our state bridges rank 91 on 100-point scale."  Just a few months later this ridiculously rosy outlook turned out to be baloney, as the talk in Pierre turned to the road-condition crisis that was actually at hand. This is pretty sorry stuff, considering that it was crystal clear by the time Daugaard took office in 2011 that South Dakota was looking at hundreds of millions of dollars worth of repair work.  The sense of urgency that should have been at the forefront early on in his administration didn't surface until the last few months of that term.  
Why Is This Man Laughing?

    I believe we're seeing a widening of Daugaard's credibility gap with his announcement that fees to a wide array of businesses and every driver in the state will take double-digit percentage leaps if his proposal to the state legislature gets the nod.  I don't argue against the need for funding necessary services in this state, but I don't like the way the taxes are being implemented. Daugaard failed to give South Dakotans a heads-up during the course of his first term that state services were being seriously underfunded by his stubborn commitment to hold the line on taxes.  Now that he's safely settled into his second (and thank heavens his last) term as Governor, Daugaard suddenly touches off
More Of The Same In South Dakota
The Regression Goes On
(graphic from The SD Budget & Policy Institute)

tidal waves of new taxes--no political liability in sight. Meantime, guess who bears the brunt of these suddenly jacked-up tax burdens. Businesses? Hardly. Like every other entrepeneur in this state I'll be passing them along to my customers. The regressive nature of South Dakota's tax system goes on.



*Per surferdude-onics, "A-Frames"=perfect waves    


  1. The road between Pierre and Sioux Falls is in pretty good condition. And you don't have to stop in-between so you have no contact with workers along the way. Things are pretty good. Just go to work and have Nathan tell you how good you are doing.

  2. This man is disgusting. Why not up property taxes on all the non-ag, vacation homes in our national forest? Or implement a state income tax on those making more than $500,000 a year or something? Nope. Instead it is small business and the poor and what's left of our middle class who will bear the brunt of his idiotic term.

  3. There were many conservative Republicans who saw through his BS with the last 3 state budgets that exploded spending and state government that benefited Daugaard's cronies at the expense of education and highways (to name a few).

    Did you think Obama was the only slimy Chicago lawyer to hood-wink the public (for those that need a picture, Daugaard was/is a Chicago lawyer).

    Aren't we so lucky all these fake conservative Republicans were elected instead of Democrats who honestly raise taxes? These slime balls blow our tax dollars on economic development (funneling $$ to their friends through no-bid contracts).