Friday, October 17, 2014

Why Is Mike Rounds Suddenly A Front Man?

     Mike Rounds, teabagger?  When the Tea Partiers came 'a callin' to Rapid City yesterday they did so to give their blessing to Mike Rounds as their kind of Republican.  Which is weird.  Rounds has been touting himself as the personification of "South Dakota common sense" and "South Dakota values," which to my way of thinking pretty much rejects, on both scores, the extremist demands of the Tea Party and its "my way or the highway" approach to the political process.  I wouldn't call this "common sense" by any measure.  Nor does it reflect any but the most extreme set of "values" when it comes to running a government.
     The Tea Party's heavy hand caused the near-ruinous shutdown of the federal government a year ago.  It was especially painful to South Dakota.  I know it personally, having business interests in the hospitality industry. Tourist businesses in the Black Hills were sucker-punched when the Tea Party-inspired shutdown took place, mainly because the TP's handmaidens in Congress (Kristi Noem among them) wouldn't compromise over a spending measure for the Affordable Care Act and mustered up the votes to close down the federal government altogether.  The result around here was terrible, what with Mt. Rushmore, Badlands National Park, Wind and Jewel Caves, Devil's Tower and any other federal park facilities gated and closed for the duration.  Things got so bad that a consortium of local tourism entrepeneurs actually passed the hat and collected enough money to operate Mt. Rushmore independently of the federal government.  The nightmare ended a few days later when the TP's naive political tools realized what their impetuousness had wrought.  But the damage was done. The Fall tourism season was shot.  Meantime, ranchers who'd just been devastated by last year's October blizzard had no federal support to give them some much needed relief because all of their disaster assistance offices were closed.
     It got pretty crazy, and all of it was Tea Party-inspired and -driven.  So just a short year after this show of uncompromising force and callous disregard for his potential voters in South Dakota, Mike Rounds is suddenly enamored of these extremists?  "We accept it, we wholeheartedly accept it" said Rounds of the endorsement.   Please.  Kristi Noem was bad enough a year ago when she went along with the financially disastrous kookiness.  Now Mike Rounds wants to be a front man for these zealots.  I don't know whose version of "common sense" Rounds is pushing, but fronting for the Tea Party and its utter disregard for the needs of the "common" folk in order to promote its ideological agenda doesn't make a lot of "sense" to me.

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  1. It's Tea Party cannibalism. They're trying to claw back as many Howie votes as possible ideology? What ideology? ;-)