Tuesday, October 21, 2014

There He Goes Again. Mike Rounds Makes A Mockery Of His South Dakota "Values."

     Over and over again, Mike Rounds presents himself as the champion of South Dakota "values,"  promising to bring those "values" to the United States Senate if he wins the race in November.    Yet just as repetitively during the course of his awful campaign, events and his utterances have betrayed the fact that he doesn't give a hoot about one of the most basic values treasured by South Dakotans (heck, treasured by people everywhere):  being a man  whose word you can trust.
    We already know the voluminous amount of mis-statements he's made regarding his involvement with the Slaughterhouse EB-5 fiasco when he was governor.  They just go on and on, and where they'll stop, nobody knows.  Now just in the past couple of days he's come up with a couple of doozies that are so outrageous that 1), they reinforce his reputation as a guy who's willing to say anything if it suits him, true or not, and 2)  they give the impression that he thinks the South Dakota electorate is so stupid that he can get away with coming up with anything.
    First off, there's that ridiculous canard about the Keystone XL pipeline creating 40,000 jobs that just turned up in a National Republican Senatorial Committe tv spot. Are this man and his supporters ignorant? They come up with that fantasy number in this anti-Rick Weiland video.  I continue to believe that the pipeline has some positive political value for Republicans in South Dakota, but touting it as a job creator isn't one of them.  I mean, where does Rounds, through his NRSC honks, get off claiming 40 thousand jobs will materialize if the pipeline is built? Even the pipeline's company, Transcanada,  has said that it would create just 9,000 temporary full and part-time jobs. Transcanada won't even comment on how many jobs there will be after construction is completed. For its part, the U.S. State Department has said that it believes 50 permanent jobs will have been created once the pipeline is finished. How Rounds and his supporters could have conjured up that 40 thousand figure is something known only to him and his outside ad-meisters.
    The second repugnance occurred over the weekend, when the Rounds campaign blithely claimed in a full page ad in the Rapid City Journal that "sending Rick Weiland to the Senate is part of a plan to kill the B-1B."  The RCJ's newsroom followed up with an excellent piece by Seth Tupper clearly showing that Weiland's endorsement by an anti-nuclear armaments organization can't possibly be construed as an attempt to "kill the B1-B."  For one thing, experts in the field of United States Air Force technology themselves  say "the B1-B no longer carries nuclear arms." That being the case, the organization that endorsed Weiland (Council For A Livable World) labeled the Rounds charge "incorrect . . . made up . . . and false."
    Pressed for an explanation, Rounds' campaign manager Ron Skjonsberg, didn't address the specifics, just made some general remarks about Obama and CLW being "undeniably bad for Rapid City."  I invite Skjonsberg (or anybody from the Rounds campaign)  to explain specifically how Weiland's election would be "part of a plan to kill the B-1B."  If there is indeed a "plan" out there, we all need to know it.  Come clean, Round campaign.  Give us some of the details of this "plan" that you claim exists.  You can do it right here.  The comments section is wide open and eagerly awaiting the news of this "plan."


  1. Don't hold your breath waiting, John...

  2. Rounds campaign screamed bloody murder "negative campaigning!" when Rep Nelson pointed out the factual differences between Nelson, Rounds, and Rhoden as well as Rounds being over his head involved in the EB5 corruption.

    While I am ashamed of Rounds corruption and dishonesty as a South Dakotan. I am even more ashamed at the absolute lack of principles by supposed Republicans in this state who continue to prop up SD's own Rod Blagojevich even as his corruption is being trotted out in newspapers across SD.

    To think we thought the Democrats were blind partisans by defending the Clinton and Obama scandals.