Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"I Don't Have A 9 Million Dollar Campaign, But I Don't Have EB-5 To Explain." Good One, Rick.

     Rick Weiland's latest video.  Pretty cool.  Any other campaigns wanting to post something similar, I'll do it.  Limit is one per campaign.


  1. No other campaign has anything similar. But hey, when's Gordon Howie going to break out that guitar of his?

  2. I agree that the video is entertaining, but in only three days it has become Weiland's parody of himself. As of today, with the help of the Mayday fund, his is the best-funded campaign, supported mostly by out of state money. In fact, today's arbitration decision pretty much destroys the claim of $120 million plus in South Dakota liabilities owing to EB-5. EB-5 is a real scandal; it demonstrates real incompetence by Rounds. But Weiland's false claims of an auction of citizenship to the highest bidder, while dramatic, are a disservice to voters. The truth is ugly enough, and distorting the truth is unnecessary and insulting to the intelligence of voters.

    By the way, this is Don Frankenfeld posting. I have posted before, without getting my comments published. This is doubtless due to my confusion about whatever in hell the "Comment as..." button means, so I am trying "anonymous" in an ironic attempt to get posted.

    1. Just keep doing it this way, Don, and at the end of the post sign your name if you don't want to remain anonymous. Welcome. First off, get this point straight: that $120 million is NOT a liability, it's money from fees charged to EB-5 investors over and above their $500 thousand investments that should have gone to South Dakota. Instead, it went to SDRC, inc., per information provided by Kathy Tyler and further examined by a writer for the non-profit, non-partisan Center for Immigration Studies. Here's the CIS piece: http://cis.org/north/south-dakota-loses-120-million-eb-5-funds I'd call it a missed opportunity, not a liability, and I think all the participants in this fiasco, including Rounds' and his GOED, Joop Bollen and the SD Board of Regents have to bear responsibility for it. Note that the California arbitrator said of Bollen that he "reported to both the University and the Governor's Office, [and] it appears that he operated without significant supervision from either." I haven't parsed the "auction of citizenship" claim, but will. Also, if you want to put up a Pressler video here send it over. Best way is probably to e-mail the url to me and I'll transpose it. Really glad to see you here, Don. Best of luck with the Pressler campaign.