Sunday, April 20, 2014

"It Would Be Terrible If The Dead Came Back." An Easter Memo To The Political Status Quo.

     I love Herod's rant  from Oscar Wilde's "Salome:"  "He raises the dead?  I do not wish him to do that. I allow no man to raise the dead. This Man must be found and told that I forbid Him to raise the dead.  Where is this Man at present? . . . No matter!  But let them find Him, and tell Him from me I will not allow Him to raise the dead!  To change water into wine, to heal lepers and the blind . . . He may do these things if he will.  I say nothing against these things.  In truth I hold it a good deed to heal a leper.  But I allow no man to raise the dead.  It would be terrible if the dead came back."
     You don't need to embrace the spirituality of the Easter season to get its message.  The story is the grandest metaphor of all time. To those leaders like Herod, who represent evil and injustice, it would be terrible indeed if the dead came back.  The tale of the crucifixion and the resurrection is about who gets the last word, and the message of the New Testament is that the good guys do.  It's a nice reminder as we greet the sunrise and the season.


  1. And what a glorious sunrise it is in Eastern South Dakota this morning. 44 degrees, no wind and no haze. Thanks for some profound thoughts John.

    1. Thanks, Lanny. Just took a swing out to the Badlands to catch a fantastic sunrise there. Still gives me a rush.