Thursday, October 3, 2013

Memo to Rep. Noem and Sens. Thune and Johnson: Thanks for nothing.

      Because of your intransigence and this subsequently stupid shutdown, I've had to cancel what would otherwise have been a productive workday for the housekeeping staff at my motel in western South Dakota.  Looks like tomorrow will be a similar story.  And the day after tomorrow?  Maybe you folks can tell me.  Talking around the trade, there are many hundreds of hard working South Dakotans who depend on the paychecks created by visitors to our shuttered national parks who AREN'T GETTING PAID.  Sorry I had to use caps, but apparently you seem to have missed this point, and if you didn't, I must ask, just who is it that you represent as you go about your duties and responsibilities in Washington?
     As for you, Representative Noem, I recall your constant mantra about it being time for an "adult conversation" regarding the issues involving South Dakota and this country shortly after you were elected.  Is this version of fingerpointing and rhetorical blame-gaming supposed to be your idea of that valued "adult conversation" you were promising to deliver?  It can't be, and considering that you and your counterparts in the House of Representatives can't put together a continuing resolution to fund the government without adding on demands related to your political agendas that have nothing to do with day to day functioning of our national parks, I'd like to know, just who are the adults in your chamber that are supposedly conversing like grown-ups? 
     Some readers of this blog recently gave me the what-for for suggesting that federal funding of the D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery in Spearfish should be discontinued.  May I suggest that this absurdly cavalier and insensitive shuttering of our national parks is an example of why I wish the federal government would leave those facilities to local governments and/or private entrepeneurs to operate?  I note that Custer State Park, with its contract operators, is running as smoothly as ever.  Crazy Horse mountain near Hill City, which famously doesn't take a nickel of federal largesse, is open for business.  The Cleghorn Fish Hatchery in Rapid City is wide open for visitors who can see the operation first hand and get an excellent overview of the facility in its visitor center.  But Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Wind Cave?  Sorry to say they're closed because stubborn and inflexible elected officials, including those from South Dakota, just can't get it together in D.C.  Meantime, my employees will come up short this month, as will my business's bottom line, as will South Dakota people and enterprises throughout the Black Hills/Badlands region.  You call this representation?  Please. 


  1. Not from South Dakota but I have to wonder, in what universe is NO government better than a government that happens to have Obamacare?

    No fan of the Democrats but Republicans blaming the shutdown on Dems is like the little boy who took his football home, blaming it on all the big kids who wouldn't let him play quarterback.

    1. Your rhetorical question goes right to the point. Agree on your take re: the GOP.